How do I use the Google Tag Manager in conjunction with FINDOLOGIC tracking?

To use the Google Tag Manager in connection with Findologic tracking, you need a correctly configured connection of the Findologic tracking to Google Analytics. To use Google Tag Manager with Findologic, please follow the instructions below:


  1. Open the variables window, click NEW and select data layer variable.
  2. The title can be freely selected. Here, we recommend Findologic search request, for example.
  3. The name of the data layer variable must be EXACT findologicSearchRequest.
  4. The data layer version MUST be version 2.
  5. Now open the Trigger window, click NEW and select the trigger type user-defined event.
  6. The event name must be findologicSearch. The title of the trigger can again be freely selected.
  7. After the trigger has been created, open the Tags window, click NEW and select Universal Analytics as the tag configuration.
  8. Enter your Google Analytics tracking ID here and select page view as the tracking type.
  9. Go to other settings, then to Fields to specify and enter page as the field name. Select the previously created variable (Findologic search request) as the value to enter.
  10. Set the previously created trigger (findologicSearch) as the triggering trigger.
  11. Use the Save button in the upper right corner to save the configurations you have made.
  12. To complete the configuration successfully, click the Publish button in the upper right corner.


Under this link, you will find our documentation on this topic, which also contains numerous screenshots.


If you still have problems connecting to the Google Tag Manager after correctly following the above steps, please contact our technical support.

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