How does Smart Suggest search work?

The Smart Suggest search is the optimal supplement to the regular Findologic search. As soon as your customer starts typing something in the search field, Smart Suggest suggests search terms, products or similar. The Smart Suggest search completes entered characters to the suggestions.


Below, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about Smart Suggest:


  • Which export fields are considered for the search suggestions?

By default, the search suggestions use the values from the 'name' and 'keywords' fields (can be deactivated).

  • According to which criteria are the product suggestions played out?

Only products that match the search term in the title or the item number are displayed.

  • Can specific product suggestions be fixed in Smart Suggest using Product Placement?

Yes. Are also taken into consideration in Smart Suggest.

  • Are synonyms from the Findologic back end taken into account in Smart Suggest?

Synonyms are only taken into account for the search suggestions played out.

  • Does a push rule influence the product suggestions in Smart Suggest?

Yes, the product suggestions in Smart Suggest are influenced by the push rules created (or other values in the 'bonus' field).

  • Can Smart Suggest be customised?

The basic styling can be configured in the Findologic count under 'Settings -> Smart Suggest'. Further styling can be done via CSS. If you have further questions regarding the individual configuration of Smart Suggest, please contact our technical support.

  • Where can I define which areas should be displayed in Smart Suggest?

In the Findologic customer account under "Settings -> Smart Suggest", you can define which areas (search suggestions, categories, products, landing pages, manufacturers, promotions) should be displayed in Smart Suggest.


For more information on Smart Suggest search, please refer to our other two FAQ articles and technical documentation:

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