Cooperation guidelines

Findologic will base its integration on existing filters, designs, etc. If a certain design should be reconsidered, Findologic must be provided with a finished HTML design or design mock-up in advance.

The integration time should be kept as short as possible. In order to guarantee this, smooth cooperation and communication between customers, agencies and Findologic is essential.

Basically, an integration period of a maximum of 8 weeks is set for an integration. If this time frame should be delayed by the customer, this must be clarified with the responsible project manager. If such a delay is not communicated by the customer, Findologic GmbH will offset the additional time incurred at an hourly rate of € 120.

Technically critical feedback (e.g. template changes, serious changes to the data structure) won't be implemented after 4 p.m.. The reason for this is that the implementation of critical changes is often time-consuming and a high level of quality should be guaranteed when solving your issues.

Go-Lives can only be done out Monday to Thursday until 2 p.m. at the latest. Coordination with the responsible project manager is necessary.

In addition, the date of going live must be communicated at least 2 days in advance.

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