How are the properties of a product weighted by the search?

The FINDOLOGIC search searches the properties of the products – starting from the search term – and weighs them in this order (in brackets the name of the fields in the export):


  1.     Article number/order number/EAN (order number)
  2.     Keywords (keywords)
  3.     Name/title (name)
  4.     Attributes/characteristics (attributes)
  5.     Summary/brief description (summary)
  6.     Description/long description (description)

 Furthermore, the product placements and push rules you configure have an influence on the weighting.

The pre-set weighting is based on many years of experience and comprehensive tests with the data of several reference shops. Just as the data quality of each shop differs, it may also be necessary to adjust the weighting of the individual properties in a fine-tuning process to achieve optimal search results.

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