How do I create Findologic Guided Shopping for my shop?

Findologic Guided Shopping can be used on all shop pages with integrated Findolgic Smart Suggest scripts.

In just a few steps, you can configure Guided Shopping for your shop:

  1. Create a new shopping guide in your Findologic customer account under Settings > Guided Shopping.

  2. If necessary, select a category to apply Guided Shopping only to a certain item group. Suggestions will be limited to the selected category.

  3. Use Drag & Drop to select which questions to ask the user and specify a sequence. You can configure all attributes of the item master as questions. You can select the text displayed yourself. The selection options for the questions are automatically generated later based on the products available in Guided Shopping. 

  4. Select the type of question. All supported filter types are possible, regardless of the shop module used:
  • Text
  • Colour filters
  • Image
  • Slider
  • Dropdown
  1. Save the shopping guide and add the link shown to a page in your shop. Guided Shopping is called by clicking this link and automatically lays itself over the page.

  2. If necessary, adjust the design of Guided Shopping. The CSS classes used correspond to the JQuery-UI standard. In addition, all elements of the shopping guide are subordinate to the 'fl-wizard-dialog-parent' class. This enables the implementation of your desired design in the shop's own CSS.

  3. Alternatively, the shopping guide can be changed by simply inserting a theme from the JQuery UI Themeroller. Create your design on JQuery UI Themeroller and learn more about the installation.
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