Why do the monthly invoiced requests not correspond to the requests of the Findologic Reports?

In the Findologic Report, only "initial retrievals" of the search are listed, all further retrievals such as filter clicks or pagination retrievals are not listed for reasons of transparency. Therefore, the number of calculated search queries may differ from the number of queries listed in reporting.


An example:


  1. Visitors searched for "table":
    • The term is counted in the reports.
    • On the invoice, you will find a calculated search query.
  2. Visitors would like to have wooden tables, so the material filter "Wood" is selected:
    • It is still the same search, only a refinement of it, so this is not counted in the reports.

    • This is still a request to Findologic, therefore it will be billed.
  3. Visitors do not like the products at the 1st page, and therefore scroll to the second page:
    • Since it is still the same search, it is still not counted in the reports.
    • This is still a request to Findologic, therefore it will be billed.

  4. Visitors prefer to buy a chair and search for "chair".
    • This is now a new search and it is counted again in the reports, this time under the search term "chair".
    • On the invoice, it is a normally calculated search query.


Further reasons why calculated search queries do not have to coincide with the reports:


In the navigation (if integrated), the situation is somewhat different. Correctly integrated, the 1st query, in which only the filters for the category are displayed, is not billed. The first calculation always starts with the selection of a filter. Before that, the category view of the shop is displayed, and therefore turning the page to page 2 (if no filter has been selected) does not trigger a billable request.


Furthermore, the navigation requests (if integrated) are not included in the reports. The queries counted in the reports are exclusively search queries, not navigation queries. A report for navigation queries does not yet exist at the current time.


It can also happen that a bot accesses your website and generates search queries (if the robots.txt was not configured correctly or the bot does not adhere to them). Further information can be found here: Exclude robots

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