What is the difference between API integration and Direct Integration?

The differences between API integration and direct integration are compared in detail in the table below:


Direct integration

API integration




Very high.

During a search, the request is sent directly to the Findologic product listings are also delivered completely by Findologic Thus there is no more burden on your server. 



In the case of a search query, a query is transmitted to Findologic then converted into a result list via the shop.


Display of search results


The product listings, including the filters, are completely placed in the shop by Findologic direct communication to Findologic hed, there is no burden on your server to build a search result and the performance when building the search result page is correspondingly high. 



The search result is completely rendered on the shop side. The information on the search results is provided by Findologic of an XML response.


Integration of the Findologic search


In the case of direct integration, the integration is carried out by Findologic.  have to provide the data feed, a staging environment and specific containers for our product listings. 


With API integration, the integration is carried out by the customer himself.

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