How can variant-specific information be displayed with direct integration?

In the Findologic standard, variant items are not exported to Findologic as independent items. See also: Will my master items or variations be considered?


If it is necessary to show variant-specific information on a search results page, this can be done by adapting the export and the search result template.




When searching for a variant item number, the preview image of the respective variant and not the preview image of the main item should be displayed.


  1. Adaptation of the export:


Each main article must carry the information to be displayed for each variant. For XML exports, the information must be exported as <property> (technical documentation for the export schema). We recommend the data format JSON for this.


in the example:


For this purpose, the information item number and URL preview image are required for all variants in the export of the main item.


A <property> of the main item could look like this:



The generated JSON can be checked for validity at, for example.


  1. Adaptation of the template:


In the Smarty Template generating the search result listing, each search query must be checked for a variant-specific search and, if necessary, the information of the variants from the property must be displayed. The Smarty syntax can be used for this (technical documentation of the Template Manager).


in the example:

 {foreach from=$RESULT.PROPERTIES.variants|@json_decode:true key=j item=variant name=variants}
  {if $QUERY == $variant}
    {* We picked up an ordernumber search for a variant *}
     <img src="{$variant.thumbnailUrl}">
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