What is 1:1 personalisation?

1:1 personalisation tracks the user's interactions with the various elements of the shop on an attribute basis:

  • Which filter values does the user interact with?
  • Which product detail pages does the user open?
  • What is the user looking for?

Based on this information, this user will be shown preferred products with the recognised "preferences" as search results and suggested searches. Important: This only changes the ranking of the products in the listing and not the result quantity.

An example: A user searches a furniture shop for many products of the beech wood variety and frequently clicks on products of the beech wood variety -- this user will then be shown preferred results with the attribute "wood type=beech" in all product listings of the shop (search results and category pages) as well as Smart Suggest product suggestions. The product listings are therefore rearranged dynamically.

Further properties:

  • Which attributes are tracked can be determined by you.
  • "Short-term interest": Once tracked, affinities are "forgotten" after a certain number of interactions with other elements.
  • In addition to 1:1 personalisation, other ranking factors, such as push rules, will continue to influence the sorting of product listings.

You do not have to do anything to activate the 1:1 personalisation – activation is done by Findologic. The prerequisite for this is the use of the Shopping Experience Platform in the Enterprise tariff.

In order to achieve the best possible personalisation results, we recommend a combination of 1:1 personalisation and use of the Personalisation API.

  • You map your business use cases using the personalisation API and use all the data that you already have. More information about the personalisation API can be found in this FAQ article.
  • Dynamically, each of your users receives additional individualised product listings via the 1:1 personalisation, which correspond to their preferences.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support team at any time.

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