What does the Personalisation API offer?

You can use the Personalisation API to influence the ranking of the results. This is based on the attributes of the products (technical documentation for the API). This allows you to link the data you track (e.g. from the CRM data of your customers or data from a third-party personalisation provider) ideally with Findologic's ogy.


Application examples:

  •     You always want to push the products of a certain manufacturer upwards for a certain group of your users. To do this, you always give the attribute value of the corresponding manufacturer a boost via the personalisation API if you identify the user as part of this group.
  •     You want users who enter your shop via a certain channel to display products of a certain brand/own brand preferentially. To do this, you always give the attribute values of the corresponding manufacturers a boost via the personalisation API when users land on your shop via the specific channel.
  •     You link the data of your third-party personalisation provider with Findologic sonalisation API. This allows you to select the preferred attributes (e.g. brand, colour, etc. – it is possible to push all existing attributes) of the current user.

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